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In the range of industrial robots we offer:

  • making analysis of automation potential
  • robots selection and elements of production line
  • simulation of technological process
  • selection of optimal work algorithm based on high performance and economic operation
  • making and starting up the system
  • workers training for robots operation

Industrial robots - advantages:

  • excellent precision reaching up to 0.03 mm
  • high performance
  • operating in chemically hazardous environment
  • working with heavy loads
  • optimal use of space
  • carrying out the operations impossible for human

Industrial robots - applications:

  • welding (operation in which industrial robots are used most often because of high harmfulness for human and high repeatability and quality of products made by robots. Big advantage is also high performance)
  • conveyance (the use of robots in this operation is the result of their very high performance and repeatability of movements. The use of robots reduces the number of damaged elements being conveyed and the use of monitoring systems significantly increases the flexibility of robot's operation.)
  • palletization (because of monotony it is an ideal operation for robot thus releasing human from technological process. Robot's qualities optimizing the process are as follows: repeatability, performance and high lifting capacity. Additionally there can be used monitoring systems which will make technological process more flexible.
  • pressure welding (releasing human in this operation by robot increases safety of the work, performance and quality of the product)
  • cutting (robotics of this operation assures very precise cutting edges with low roughness, high repeatability and lack of additional working. There is also possibility to cut at various angles)
  • materials working (advantages of this operation are big precision, repeatability of movements and consequently high quality of the end product and increased performance of the production. Additionally the robots can work with hard workable elements in other mechanical equipment.)
  • assembly (industrial robots are well suit for this type of production. Because of differences of measurements and placement of elements the robots' connections with monitoring systems and movements detection work very well.)
  • machines operation (because of considerable adaptation potential to variable working conditions and movement of the operated machines, industrial robots are applicable in this work, maintaining at the same time, high performance and work precision.)
  • painting (The special line of robots, with high level of protection and anti-explosion system, is adapted to this work, which guaranties high safety of work. High repeatability of path movement guaranties high quality of painted surfaces.)