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Building automation

Building automation

Intelligent building, intelligent house, meaning - automation of buildings

.: Range of works


We offer:

  • conceptual works
  • design system
  • prefabrication and selection of equipment
  • making the systems
  • integration with master systems
  • making visualization with access authorization
  • standard integration EiB, LonWorks, Profibus, BacNet, ethernet etc.
  • supervision
  • service



.: Automation application

  • office objects
  • commerce objects
  • sport objects
  • hotels
  • banks
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • houses and private residences
  • apartment buildings



.: Used equipment and solutions

Automation systems are made based on equipment that uses communication protocols:

  • KNX (EiB)
  • LON
  • Ethernet
  • BacNet



.: Range of automation application

  • illumination control - automatic, time manual, zone and light stages
  • control of rooms air-conditioning: heating, ventilation, air-condition - individual temperature of separate rooms
  • control of roller shades and shutters - option of maintaining of optimum daily light in room
  • energy management - system prevents excessive use of electric and heating energy
  • monitoring and signaling - reviewing the states of selected parameters, messages of interferences in the object
  • management of building security - emergency systems, intelligent locks
  • remote service and management - option of remote configuration, parameterization and monitoring of the systems
  • media calculation - electrical energy, water, gas

.: Automation advantages

  • substantial economy of the energy regarding building use
  • work reliability, failure resistance
  • easiness of meeting client's complex requirements
  • flexibility (further extension of the system, change of configuration)
  • simple and fast installation and start up
  • international standard