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Drive Center Department

Drive Center Department

The Drive Centre Department off ers complex services relating to electrical driving techniques.

Its experts, who have extensive research and practical experience acquired during creation or modernisation of complex driving systems, constitute the valuable capital of this Department.


  • design and delivery of complete low and medium voltage driving systems,
  • design and modernisation of driving systems,
  • provision of special converter transformers,
  • economic analysis of driving system modernisation cost returns,
  • simulation tests, system operation tests and consumption diagnostics,
  • electric mains characteristic measurement (overvoltage measurements, harmonics analysis, power supply quality improvement methods),
  • electromagnetic fi eld measurements,
  • specialist training,
  • technical advice in the fi eld of selection, optimisation and EMC of driving systems (transformer, switchgear, inverter, motor),
  • service of driving systems.


  • motors, voltage converters, controllable direct current and alternating current driving systems, system drives, multiple-drive systems,
  • servo-drives,
  • drive automation, high-power pumping set control, transportation and conveyor and hydro-transportation systems,
  • modernisation of variable drives of any power output.


Companies cooperating within the off ered product range:

  • ABB - authorized partner,
  • Mitsubishi - partner
  • Rockwell (Alle Bradley) - authorized partner
  • Siemens - authorized partner