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Corporate Mission, Goal and Strategy

Corporate Mission, Goal and Strategy


Biuro Inżynierskie Automatyki Przemysłowej - BIAP Sp. z o.o. (Industrial Automation Engineering Office – BIAP Co. Ltd.) - was established
in 1990. BIAP is a dynamically developing company, continuously expanding its share of the market for novel technologies, electric power engineering, industrial automation and computerised data transfer and processing systems. The Company specialises in the complex implementation of investment projects, low voltage switchgear design and assembly, automation, visualisation and supervision of processing lines, as well as in information  transmission and processing in distributed systems. The organisational structure of BIAP comprises three departments involved in the direct execution of the Company’s tasks: the Drive Centre Department, Modern Technology Department. These departments carry out the tasks entrusted to them in the most effi cient manner.

Corporate Mission

BIAP is an engineering company involved in the implementation of the newest automation technologies in various branches of industry. We undertake the implementation of complex investment project service tasks for plants under development and plants undergoing modernisation. BIAP aims continuously at attaining the highest possible level of customer service. Our standards are of the highest quality, seeing us accurately meeting deadlines and commitments undertaken and providing help to companies and enterprises in the transfer, operation and development of new technologies.

BIAP employs talented specialists and provides the conditions that enable them to work creatively.

Goal and Strategy

BIAP’s goal is to acquire the leading position in the industrial automation domain and to apply advanced IT processes in order that our services constitute a sought-after component of every investment project. In its strategy, BIAP assumes the maximum possible use of the current information and communications technologies, especially Internet technologies, in order to gain professionalism in service, data gathering and handling processes as well as in knowledge management. Our customers enjoy high-quality products and high standards of customer service.